Use Distil to enrich your customer profiles in Salesforce

Data is a valuable resource, and Salesforce is a powerful tool. But unless you’re putting all of one into the other, neither is working as hard as it could. takes all of your customer data – and we mean all of it: online, offline, whatever – and pulls it into one Centralised Customer Data View. This can then be fed live and direct into Salesforce.

Which means that however you’re using your CRM solution – for marketing, sales, or customer service – you’ll know it’s making the most of all your carefully collected data.

And ultimately, that means better communications – service reps know the score, marketing hits passion points, and customers are surprised and delighted, not thwarted and frustrated.

And it’s not just Salesforce. Hubspot, Zoho, Insightly, or a custom-build — you name it: if it’s a CRM, can help you get the complete customer profiles to put it to work.

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