Webinar: Analytics Strategies for Ecommerce Growth

A successful analytics strategy isn’t just about platforms and graphs. They certainly help, but measuring the wrong thing is worse than measuring nothing at all. 

An effective growth strategy relies on getting clarity in the data to draw out the crucial insights. 

This webinar is especially timely for those using Google Analytics’ latest edition, GA4, as their primary source of ecommerce analytics. If you’re struggling with inaccurate metrics or incorrectly recorded transactions, or perhaps even making the reports you need to understand performance – this is for you.

Firstly, rest assured, you are not alone! Whether you’re having specific GA4 pains or need to understand why having an analytics strategy matters.

And secondly, this webinar will help you – wherever you are in the process of thinking about your analytics strategy or your ecommerce growth. 

Partnering with Chloë Thomas from Ecommerce Tech and Ecommerce Masterplan, join me (CEO and Chief Data Expert at Distil), Oliver Spark from Sweet Analytics, Bianca Dihoiu from Littledata and ecommerce SEO and conversion consultant, Luke Carthy, on this free webinar. 

Time : 16:00 UK // 11:00 New York

Date : 18th October 2023