Webinar: Game-Changing Restaurant Analytics in Action


We’ve got something tasty to show you – something we know restaurant owners and team members have been craving, much like the incomparable taste of an authentic Tiramisu (if you know, you know).

For restaurants using OpenTable, Distil has unlocked the key to maximising reservations and growing revenue – no small feat in these challenging commercial times. 

We’ve developed never-before-seen metrics using data already collected by OpenTable, which means restaurants can:

  • See a complete cover overview for all venues, including bookings, walk-ins and OpenTable search demand combined
  • Forecast future bookings and walk-ins, incorporating weather factors into cover potential
  • Diagnose availability configuration issues preventing optimum capacity usage. 

Data can be so unwieldy and time-consuming when team members are wrangling spreadsheets and daily manual reports, so we improved on this 10-fold, maybe more.

In this webinar, you’ll see first-hand the competitive advantage we’ve created for restaurants using Distil and OpenTable.

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Thursday 09 May, 2024

11:00 UK (GMT +1)