Data enrichment for you

…and your customers

Imagine your customer. What do you see when you think of them? How much do you really know about them? You probably have a lot of customer data – but is it really helping you understand your customer, their shopping habits and, crucially, how to communicate with them? How do you talk to someone you barely know – even more challenging is effectively marketing to that customer.

Data enrichment can help you do all of those things, and more. It can turn a mass of faceless shoppers into the ‘market of one’. Personalised marketing and individuals you can communicate with – at a time they’ll be most receptive to your emails. You can personalise your offers, products and emails effortlessly and increase everything from customer spend and retention to customer engagement.

But how can a little thing like data deliver on those big promises? By capturing information at key touch points on your customer journey, harnessing the power of machine learning and sifting through your data – all of this is possible. In fact, the possibilities for personalisation are endless. Little snippets of data come together to make Big Data – and that’s where the enrichment process can revolutionise your customer interaction. If all that sounds like hard work – what if we told you there’s a tool that can do all that for your business and more?

Unlock your data with

Before we get into the possibilities, it’s important to understand that not all data enrichment is created equal. Many companies may offer data enrichment but at either an unjustifiable cost or packaged in an unworkable solution. Distil is the solution that unlocks data enrichment for any business that has customers and digital touch points.

Many marketeers have data stored across a myriad of disparate systems but lack the resources or tools to gain access to it. Distil can unlock demographic enrichment at the switch of a button. Not only can you instantly learn about your customer’s income, education, employment status – Distil will group your customers automatically into natural clusters and even help you find look-a-like audiences. This kind of data is normally parcelled up in data sets and bought externally at a high price. Static and unworkable these were not really solutions. Distil takes any static data and enriches it with live real-time data based on any customer actions.

But there’s another trick up Distil’s sleeve: a built-in Recommendation Engine for content and products. Ever marvelled at how Netflix knows exactly the kind of movie or show you’ll love to watch. Companies like Netflix, Amazon and John Lewis are continually investing in and developing these solutions in house to tailor your recommendations so effectively. Distil’s recommendation engine allows you to personalise any message you send to customers and then uses machine learning to enhance future recommendations.

Communicate with confidence

And that’s where Distil’s real super power comes from. All the enrichments combined – live actions, demographics, recommended content and more, takes the guess work out of marketing.

Imagine your customer now. You know so much more about them. Who they are, when they shop, how they shop and how much they spend. Suddenly you really can talk to your customer in a way that’s relevant to them and increase engagement with your brand, product and website. Put simply, enrichment helps you and your customers connect far more than you ever have done before.