Why others Distil their data

A new app, a new product – a new anything … just to keep ahead. If you can just find that golden ticket that will keep sales figures rising, keep increasing customer engagement and keep visitors stepping through the door…

How do you stay one step ahead of the competition?

You already have the answer to the problem. It’s right at the heart of your business. It’s a solution that many may have tried to exploit but few have the correct tools to utilise. This resource? Your data.

Every business has a mountain of untapped data, a powerful source of information, just waiting to deliver you customer insights or direct your next campaign.

But how do you mine that resource? How do you manipulate those databases into telling you their secrets? And how do you make sense of those statistics?

Distil your data

Turn chaos into order and harness your customer data.

You might think that you haven’t got time to install yet another new piece of software or get your head around a new system. But that’s ok, that’s where we can help. We’ll get you up and running swiftly and efficiently so you can start reaping the benefits of Distil straight away.

Maybe you’re still sceptical? We asked our customers to explain why Distil works for them. Here’s how Distil has taken some fantastic marketing teams on the zero-to-data-driven hero journey. The way they speak to their customers has been revolutionised and seen revenues grown by up to 50%.

1: Distil can radically boost newsletter response rates

“I was always sceptical of data tools that claim to be able to transform my digital marketing. We always worked hard with our newsletters to keep them engaging, relevant and current and they were liked and generated responses. But then along came Distil and…BANG! Response rates to our newsletters alone jumped by 46% in 6 months!  That is the power of Distil’s ability to deliver 1-to-1 product recommendations to every single one of our customers. Simply brilliant!”

2: Distil helps me actualise my business strategy

“As Marketing Director, I’m only interested in tools that allow me to deliver our business strategy. I need better ways to stay one step ahead of the competition, connect with our customers and exceed their expectations. And, given my tight budgets, I have to see a clear ROI.
Distil.ai provides me with useful and relevant customer data that I trust and know how to use it to build the ROI I’m after.”

3: Distil is designed for marketeers, not data analysts

“Other tools don’t give me the data I need. It can be slow and difficult to make sense of it and I believe my judgment as a marketing and creative professional is vital.

What I like about Distil is that it has been designed for people like me. It’s a marketing tool, not a data tool.

It’s a pleasure to use and operate and I can clearly see my customer data in one place. This allows me to test ideas and select those that actually work. I’m able to blend data insights with my own knowledge and judgement and that is really important for me.”

4: Distil does the hard-graft – so you don’t have to

“We have some great promotional ideas but we need the response data quickly  to ensure that they are working and that we stay relevant. Before Distil, the sheer manual effort and time required to pull out the data and do the analysis made this impossible. Distil does all the hard graft for us and gives us ready updates.”

5: Distil makes complex tasks simple and efficient

“Integrating our data with Distil was far easier than anticipated. It used to be notoriously difficult to pull the data together from the myriad systems that we have but Distil has been designed by such an experienced team that within a week we were seeing our first data recommendations. It’s simple and it works. How refreshing!”

How do you stay one step ahead of the competition? You’ve already got the data – now Distil it into a meaningful resource.

Let us show you how Distil will enable you to harness your data and build the perfect marketing stack using the tools you know and love on a foundation of high-quality, machine learning enriched data. 

Talk to us today.